Volunteering at the 2014 CrossFit Southeast Regional



The Team!!

Volunteering at the 2014 CrossFit Southeast Regional

Last year during the 2013 CrossFit Southeast Regional I was a spectator and was awe inspired by the athletes and volunteers that worked so hard to make the event so successful. So I decided this year I would volunteer and help support the amazing cause that CrossFit has presented to so many in terms of changing lives and making people better.


Last weekend, June 9th-11th, I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the 2014 CrossFit Southeast Regional and had an absolute blast. Definitely an experience that I would recommend to all crossfitters or even people just looking to be inspired by others in a profound way.

Security Crew and Special Assignment:

The beginning of the weekend for my volunteer duty started Friday and lasted through Sunday.  However, the official start of the week for some volunteers started Tuesday, so there were some hard core folks making this event happen, working 12 + hour days all the way through Sunday.

10339650_1507873366107313_2353600628191704854_n (1)

The Shirt !!

Friday I arrived at 6 am to sign in and get started, I was originally assigned to the Special Assignment Team, but was quickly changed over to the Security Team.  We were given cool t-shirts that notated which team we were a part of and of course special event wristbands that allowed us access to everything, talk about a exciting backstage behind the scene pass!!

As part of the Security Team we were in charge of ensuring the event was safe and certain restricted areas were protected from spectators, vendors and other unauthorized personnel. We had a great team and I truly enjoyed working with our group.


As volunteers we were all given shirts, discounts and provided food throughout the day consisting of paleo meals!! Not to mention the added benefit of having full access to behind the scenes, such as: athletes warm-up area, judge and athletes briefs, access to the equipment and arena.


Met the Barbell Shrugged Crew


Our CrossFit community never ceases to amaze me, the amount of support shown by all the spectators, volunteers, athletes and CrossFit HQ Staff was insurmountable and electric.  Each event was an inspiration to watch, each athlete gave all and showed heart. All the spectators joined together and supported every athletes no matter the team, cheering till the last person finished. Each volunteer busted their butt, no matter the task or challenge presented and did so with a smile.

I met so many amazing individuals and was so fortunate to play a role in such a inspirational event. Having just gone public with the announcement of our own Affiliate, CrossFit OutSpoken, I’m excited to continue spreading the word of our amazing community and sport!!

If you are interested in reading my inspirational journey to living my dream of opening CrossFit OutSpoken, Click HERE

Talk Soon,


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