My Dream of Opening a CrossFit Affiliate, Has Come True!!

10378910_1487670064798913_141992595379101821_nI have always been an athlete and coach at heart.

As an athlete, I have challenged myself through vigorous physical activities almost every day.  I worked out in a globo-gym, ran, played some sports, and, as a teenager, I was an equestrian rider, performing jumps and timed courses on the back of a 1,100 pound horse.  The sport of equestrian riding is not only physically demanding for both the rider and the horse, but also requires intense focus, good timing and confidence.  I continued my daily exercise routine long after I left my teen years because the athlete was always within me.

However, it wasn’t until I entered law enforcement that I discovered my inner coach.  While I enjoyed patrolling and take great pride in the help I provided others during times of need, it wasn’t until I became a trainer that I discovered how deeply being a coach affected me.  As a Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Corporal, I was afforded the opportunity to do what I truly enjoy most and that was to teach, train, lead and mentor others; to give them the skills and abilities to prepare them for the unknown and unknowable.

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CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course

When I discovered CrossFit, I knew it was where I wanted to be as an athlete.  From my first workout (the Sevens), I realized that CrossFit was the training modality I wanted to use to improve my performance as an athlete and to prepare physically for the demands of law enforcement.  Nothing else I had ever done came close to the stimulus I received from my daily WODs.  CrossFit athletes around the world have experienced it: the struggle to push yourself out of your comfort zone and reach past what you thought your limits were, the effort to move more weight, improve technique, run faster and simply be a better human, the burning desire to just be more than you used to be.  As time went on, I was amazed at the changes, both internal and external, that CrossFit training brought about in my life.  I felt as though I had been reborn into a new me

As my skills improved, I turned to coaching CrossFit.  My passion for coaching and mentoring that I discovered in law enforcement was a perfect fit, and the teaching, observation and communication skills I had developed transferred very well.  I not only earned my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate, but have attended a multitude of CrossFit Trainer Courses to include:


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • USAW Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Coach
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Endurance Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
  • CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Strongman Trainer
  • CrossFit 2014 Judge

My pursuit for furthering my education as coach borders on obsession and my drive for virtuosity is unwavering.  I took the information I learned, mixed it with my own experiences and skills, and then went to work developing my specific coaching skills by volunteering as a coach and receiving mentoring at Indian River CrossFit. Big Shout out to the owners of Indian River CrossFit, Cathy and JB, for all their love and support along the way. Also, much love to my IRC Family, LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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CrossFit, coupled with coaching and mentoring, is my absolute passion.  CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways, gaining strength that is so much more than simple physical strength; it changed me mentally and emotionally as well.  The impact has made me a better person inside and out, and inspired me to do the same for others.  As a coach, there is no greater reward than helping others reach their goals, win inner battles and achieve things they never thought possible. I love empowering people to take back their lives and to fight for what they deserve; just the thought of what I can help people accomplish puts a smile on my face and fills me with energy!

Coaching someone else to push themselves out of their comfort zone to reach that magical place where the true positive adaptations come from is one thing, it is another thing entirely to apply it to your own life. I have wanted to open my own CrossFit box for quite some time; through hard work, determination and passion, we have made it a reality.  It’s time to change lives, time to make an impact and time to build upon our community. I’m taking that leap to pursue our passion of helping others to reach their potential.

OUTSPOKENWhen you have a good job with decent pay and benefits, it can be easy to continually find reasons to stay where it is safe, where it is comfortable.  But, if there is one thing CrossFit has taught me, it’s that you have to push yourself out of that comfort zone to fight for what’s important, and to never give up or settle for what’s easy.  It is in that spirit that my husband and I have committed to opening our own box: CrossFit OutSpoken.  Our investment began a while back, when we paid for all of the training courses out of pocket, and continues today.  We drew upon all of our savings, and took a loan out against our retirement to fund the facility and equipment.  The initial investment is just the beginning, as starting any new small business entails a large amount of time, energy and sweat, especially when you plan to leave your previous career behind.  We have committed 100% to this endeavor and are doing everything in our power to ensure it’s success.


With the opening of CrossFit OutSpoken in July, 2014, I am excited to have the opportunity to meet and reach out to new people, help them improve their performance and health (no matter where they started), and build a new community of athletes who are brought together through shared struggles and celebrated victories. I look forward to working with the other CrossFit boxes in Brevard County by make a impact in the lives of others.


There is also an opportunity for anyone who wishes to be involved in the opening and support of CrossFit OutSpoken to play a part.  We have started a crowdfunding account at to accept donations of any amount, no matter how small.  There are rewards for different levels of donations, including stickers, t-shirts, entries into drawings for free memberships and even lifetime memberships!  All donations collected will be put directly into funding the successful beginning of CrossFit OutSpoken.  It is our mission to provide only the best for our athletes and community and will  ensure consistent, high-quality coaching with a focus on improving movement and performance by striving for virtuosity in all areas.  We are dedicated and committed to the success of our athletes; help us make CrossFit OutSpoken amazing, let’s strengthen our community together!!  Click HERE for details.  In picture below you will see a glimpse of our amazing facility, which by July, 2014 will be transformed into something truly special!!  However, the true heart of this building will come from our members!!!

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As a coach, I find my greatest joy in helping people achieve that which they once thought was impossible.  As a CrossFitter, there is nothing better than the sense of community and family that develops in the box.  CrossFit OutSpoken will be a community of people who achieve great things through exceptional coaching, heartfelt efforts, shared struggles and celebrated victories.  Push your limits, get uncomfortable, LIVE LOUD, and be a better you!

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The love of my life !!!!


I want to take a moment to thank my husband, Harlee, who has had my back throughout my crazy journey. He has been my rock, my superman and I’m so lucky to have such an amazing life partner.  This has been a dream of mine for years, all the long hours, hard work and sacrifice has paid off and without my supportive and forgiving husband, this dream would have never came true! He has always believed in me, nor matter the obstacle or challenge present, no matter the sacrifice required on his part, no matter the long days by where he saw very little of me. Never once faltering or wavering.

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My Mom!!


Big thanks to my Mom, Katrina, who has been such an amazing and positive force in my life. I’m so proud to be her daughter and so grateful for all she has and continues to do for me.  My willpower, determination, drive and commitment in everything I do are traits that I have learned from her.  I’m so fortunate to have such an mom who has always supported and believed in me. Love you mom!!! I hope your ready to set the world on fire with inspiration and excitement !!


I 1378049_1418628235031827_320071259_nalso want to thank one of my best friends, Christine Kearns, and her amazing family!! Christine has had my back and supported me through and through this cray cray journey!! Lord knows it’s been exciting and I’m so thankful that Colin introduced us, because you’re a total badass and an amazing friend!! Let’s do this and let’s change lives!! 321 GO!!

If interested in joining the cause of supporting CrossFit OutSpoken, you can donate to our GOFUNDME Account, Thank You!!

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