Accepting My Crossfit Body.

This is a great read that Jacqueline wrote in her Blog: LifeRXd. I wanted to share with our CrossFit Community because I think we all as women have struggled with accepting our strong CrossFit bodies from time to time. Lord knows after starting CrossFit, none of my “regular” clothes fit anymore, it was kinda comical, but don’t think I did not freak out a little! It comes down to understanding and accepting yourself, knowing yourself-worth and value as an individual WILL NOT be judged by the size you wear or the way you look, but rather by your actions and choices. You determine your happiness, you and you alone, don’t let the views or actions of others dictate how you live your life.

This is a powerful message about truly accepting and loving you for you and not trying to be something you think you should be due to outside pressures or society. So love your body and wear those strong sexy muscles with pride!!

Take Care,



I’m the type of girl you notice walk into a room.
I am loud.
I am present.
I am giggly.
I am filled with conversation and laughter.

My body tends to carry the same attributes as my personality.
I am tall in height.
Wide in the hips.
Thick in the ass.
Broad in the shoulders.

Although I have fluctuated 10, 20 and at one point, 30 pounds over the last say, 6 years, (pre crossfit) for the most part, my body really hasn’t changed much. I’ve always remained a solid size medium.

Well, the unforeseen has happened. I no longer feel comfortable and confident in any of my clothing.

( Scratch that, I feel like a fucking champion in a tank top and a pair of compression shorts.)

But could it be true? Do I need to go shopping because I am getting bigger?

For those who know me, know…

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